Client: MEGA

Project Type: New Buildings | Infrastructure

Location: Mpumalanga

Status: In progress

The Mpumalanga Fresh Produce Market is a modern facility designed to meet the needs of the growing local produce industry. It is a multi-level building that incorporates various features to support the distribution, storage, and sale of fresh produce. The market will feature temperature-controlled storage spaces, loading docks, and vendor areas.

The building is designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing natural light and ventilation wherever possible to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting and cooling systems. The layout of the market is optimized for ease of movement and efficiency, with clearly defined walkways and large open spaces for the display of produce.

The market will also include offices, meeting rooms, and a canteen for the convenience of vendors and market staff. Additionally, there will be ample parking available for both vendors and customers. The facility is designed to meet food safety standards and will include areas for washing, preparation, and storage.

In addition to the main building, the Mpumalanga Fresh Produce Market will include a number of supporting structures, including a processing facility and a sculptural pedestrian bridge.

The sculptural pedestrian bridge will not only connect the main market building to the processing facility, but also serve as a link between the public transport hub and parking area to the market building. This connection will provide easy and convenient access for customers and vendors using public transportation, as well as those who drive and park in the designated area.

Overall, the Mpumalanga Fresh Produce Market is a inovative facility that will support the local produce industry, providing a convenient and efficient platform for the distribution, storage, and sale of fresh produce.