Date: 2020

Client: Private

Project Type: New Commercial Building

Status: Proposal

A  warehouse design incorporating an office component achieved by using a combination of concrete, facebrick, and rock. The warehouse has high ceilings, wide loading docks, and efficient shelving. The office component will feature a contemporary aesthetic, with functional workspace and meeting rooms. The design will prioritize both style and practicality, offering a unique and functional solution for warehousing and office needs.

The use of concrete, facebrick, and rock  in the design of this warehouse and office is inspired by the surrounding environment. This choice of materials provides a natural and organic feel to the space. To maximize natural light and ventilation, the design will incorporate large windows and skylights, allowing for ample amounts of natural light to flow into the interior spaces. Additionally, strategically placed vents and air circulation systems will be incorporated to ensure proper ventilation throughout the building. This combination of natural light and ventilation will create a healthy and productive work environment for employees.