the numbers are merely an indication of how many songs are on our critique list and are, by no means, in the order of preference.

Another brick in the wall: Pink Floyd.

While this song was not intended for the purpose of bricklayers, we have found it to be very useful. For all the real critiques, we are not diminishing the very important message that the song does convey, we are simply stating that it is very effective and makes us feel included in the music industry.

Musical style: a classic. Good melody and fun to listen to.

Do we listen to it while building walls? No. Should we listen to it while building walls? A definite yes.

Rating: 9/10. A 10/10 if the construction industry decides to blast it through speakers to keep the vibe going on site.


The house of the rising sun.

The animals really pulled this one out of the faux fur bag.

This song is a reminder that sunrises are equally as important as sunsets and should it be possible, your architect should design so that you get the most of this beautiful (North Eastern) daylight. Although sunsets are a pleasure to watch, the western light gets you right in the feels. The feels of your sweat glands going into overdrive. Especially in the Lowveld.

Acknowledgement of sunrise 9/10.

Melody 9.5/10.

Average Total: 9.25/10.


The roof is on fire.

The Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three version. Not the cluurb remix that tells you to watch it burn. That is really bad advice. You should never hear someone tell you ‘watch it burn’ because you should be, now listen carefully, running. Fast. In the opposite direction.

We give the original 7/10 and the bad advice remix a 5/10.

The 5 because it’s effective as we’re still singing it.


We built this city… we built this city on rock ‘n roll.

We bet you can’t start reading that line without breaking into song and a potential musical number. We would also like to draw attention to the part that says: ROCK ‘N ROLL.

Nowhere here does it say, “house” music (couldn’t resist), rap or heavy metal. We would suggest heavy metal for the roof (which again, should not be burning), and the only (w)rap in your house should be the waterproofing.

Lyrical advice: 7/10. You still shouldn’t build on rocks… unless the engineer okay’s it.

Yes, architects do work with and like engineers. Most of the time.

This song does hit differently and gets everyone into choir mode so we’ll add an extra 2.5 and go for a confident 9.5/10.


Our house – Madness.

It is indeed madness because no one builds a house in the middle of a street. You should fire your architect if they suggest this. However, we give this song a lekker 8/10 for its melody. The variations of the leaps and the quick tempo keeps us very interested.

Advice: 5/10.

Overall: 8/10 because it’s catchy and we don’t think anyone would really build in the middle of the street?!


Wrecking ball.

If you’ve watched Miley Cyrus’ music video we strongly suggest you do not follow suit. As fun as it may look, no one on a construction site sits on a wrecking ball. Ensure you have an architect that designs you a building that does not need to be torn down. We could give you a great suggestion of an incredible firm… 😉

We will settle on a 6/10 because it brought attention to the construction industry.

Maybe a 5/10 because it hurts to hear this being sung in karaoke.


Coming home.

That is what we do best. Creating a beautiful space for you to go home to. Everyday you leave work, or even pop to the shops, your architect should have designed you a space that has you singing this song from the moment you leave.

We give this song 8/10.

9/10 if you sing it loudly with some sort of tune.

10/10 if you’re tone deaf and still confident about your home.


Led Zepplin said it best in Stairway to Heaven.

A beautiful listen with a peaceful melody. If you don’t have any stairs and would like to relate; you could consider one of those lovely ladders that people hang their towels on.



I’m an architect.

We’ve never related to anything more… A solid 10/10.